We will be adding background information and ideas to this website based around topics likely to be discussed at the workshops and later in the year.

“MELKSHAM TOWN 2020-2036”

In early 2020, the Town Council adopted this report, which is a review of the opportunities, challenges and drivers facing Melksham Town during the period of the next Local Plan. Its starting popint is that the world we face over the next 15-20 years will be very different from that of the past 75 – as a result of climate change (above all), changes in the way our economies work, population growth – as well, of course, as Brexit and COVID. The report was prepared pre-COVID but the issues covered in the report have not changed. But they have intensified.

The purpose of the report is to start us on the journey of defining how we can and should respond to these challenges and opportunities. The ambition is to build and strengthen resilient economic activity through the development of new commercial and social areas and aopportunities in the town centre, together with a range of necessary infrastructural changes. And Priority for People is the starting point.

You can read the full report here.


In September, Wiltshire Council put its draft Climate Strategy 2022-2027 out for consultation, ending on 17 October. Click here for the draft Strategy. The strategy covers seven delivery themes: transport; built environment; waste; green economy; energy generation, storage and distribution; natural environment, food and farming; and a carbon neutral council. Earlier this year, the Council issued a Discussion Document which you can access here. Click here to go to the consultation itself.

Wiltshire Council is also consulting on its Green and Blue infrastructure Strategy. They say “the Strategy will focus on the natural environment and how – by creating a strong, well considered network of green and blue corridors and spaces – we can support adaption and resilience to climate change, halt loss of and improve biodiversity and contribute to the health and wellbeing of our communities. The draft strategy document is available here and you can access the consultation here (until 17 October).

Wiltshire Council has been running some webinars on the two strategies. You can find the slide deck from the first webinar here.

For more information, contact: Jeff Mills, Melksham Town Council’s Head of Communications.
Email: jeff.mills@melksham-tc.gov.uk. Telephone: 01225 704187.